Back in the Saddle

I have been gone for quite some time because we lost our home in Hurricane Harvey to 6 feet of water. It was devastating to lose everything. We have spent the last year and a half rebuilding. There has been much reflection on the loss of so many personal treasures and just things. You become keenly aware of what is important in life and what is not. John and I made a decision that we would not buy anything unless we loved it. We would not replace just to replace. One thing that we have continued to love is Palate Global and sharing in the experience of eating divine food and drinking great wine. This is a labor of love of ours and of our talented Graphic Designer, Rebeca Eigen. We hope you will scroll thru our site and see the amazing restaurants that are featured. Each one of these have won The Palate Global “Flavor of the City Award.” Stay tuned for more blogs each week and if you have a favorite restaurant that you would like for us to try out, email us!! We will do our best to get there.

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