Not long ago, I traveled to Charleston South Carolina, a beautiful city with wonderful people. On the way to my friend’s house for dinner, I looked to the right and to the left, and all I saw were the same chain restaurants that I see in my hometown. I felt like I had never left Houston. The only difference was the terrain. How sad. When I returned home I discussed this with John and we became determined to give travelers a guide to a city’s best restaurants — where the food is fresh, the recipes are original and your taste buds go wild.

Palate Global was born.


We want to share our journeys and help you to experience unique restaurants while you are traveling. We love scrumptious food and of course great wines. We sincerely hope you enjoy the new adventures of finding the Flavor of the City.


When you are traveling and looking for a distinctive culinary experience, just go to Palate Global to choose a delightful evening.



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